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UMMA Update #94, September 2014
E-bulletin of the
United Methodist Missionary Association

Editor: James Dwyer
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"Linking mission workers worldwide and moving forward"
In This Issue:
  • 2014 Dues Now Payable
    1. About this Issue and UMMA's Publication Efforts
    2. 2014 UMMA Gathering in Planning
    3. A Season for Sun, Sea, and Fresh Air
    4. New Missionaries Commssioned at Conferences
    5. Sending Out Global Mission Fellows
    6. Reunions - Chile
    7. Issues of Urgent Concern
    8. Notes From Our Readers and Elsewhere
    9. Passings Noted
    10. The Last Word

Find the UMMA Update (and link to prior newletters) here. Download this month's newsletter (pdf).

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