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Steering Committee


Elected UMMA Officers and Steering Committee for 2013
Jim Dwyer (2011-)
Katherine Parker (2012-)
Nan McCurdy (2008-)
Richard Vreeland (2007-)
Communications Chair
Jim Dwyer
MIR — Missionary in Residence
Gordon and Teca Greathouse (2013)

Area Representatives: Regions, Retired, and New Missionaries
West, East, Central and Southern Africa - WECSA
Rukang Chitkomb (2011-2015), (Congo)

Ngoy Mulanga Kalangwa (2012-2016), (Tanzania)

Europe, North Africa and the Middle East - ENAME

Alex and Brenda Awad (2011-2015), Palestine/Israel

Kristen Brown, Palestine/Israel

East and South Asia and the Pacific - ESAP

Ask the chair for current information (2011-2015)

Katherine Parker (2010-2014), Nepal

South America - SA

Eunice Arias (2010-2014), Venezuela

Marilla Schuller (2011-2015), Brazil


DarEll Weist (2010-2014)

Lyda Pierce (2011-2015)

The Caribbean, Central America and Mexico - CCAM

Belinda Forbes (2011-2015), Nicaragua

Becky Harrell (2012-2016), Costa Rica


Doug Wingeier (2013-2017), USA

Billie J. LaBumbard (2010-2014), USA

Hugh Johnson (2005-2013), France

New Class 2013 (-2015)

Ellyn Dubberly

New Class 2012 (-2014)

Mary Escobar

Mission Interns 2012 (-2015)

Albert Otshudi Longe from D.R. Congo to Philippines

Erica Oliveira from USA to Ukraine

Hillary Taylor from USA to South Africa

US-2s (2012-2014)

None identified to date

Mission Interns 2011 (-2014)

Adam Shaw (Cal-Pac Immigration Task Force)

Task Force Chairs (in development)

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