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UMMA Update, December 2014 (pdf version), No. 96

In this issue

  1. About this Issue and UMMA's Publication Efforts
  2. 2014 UMMA Gathering - January 2015, Claremont
  3. A Season for Joy, Renewal, and Outreach
  4. Thanks to Those Whose Terms are Ending
  5. Nominees Needed Now!
  6. Passings Noted
  7. The Last Word

2015 Dues Now Payable!

Send a check now for 2015 dues! Just go to membership page to link to our PayPal account to pay your dues, where you will also find our treasuerer Dick Vreeland's address (). Individual dues are currently $30, while couples pay $50. Ask about lifeIme and affiliate memberships.

1. About This Issue and UMMA's Publication Efforts

UpDate is normally sent via MailChimp, where you can read it in a web format. A PDF file is available for download for those who prefer it. Print copies are distributed to those who need them. Just ask!

2. 2014 UMMA Gathering

The dates of January 8-11, 2015 are just around the corner! If you don't have information you need about the catch-up 2014 Gathering, please contact Jim Dwyer right away! Another mailing will go out to those registered with latest detailed information after the new year.

3. A Season for Joy, Renewal ad Outreach

In the midst of the tradition of Twelfth Night -- that time between the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the Wise Ones / Kings / Magi from the East (when Mary and Joseph must have been gathering strength for their journey home to Nazareth with a newborn), may you strongly experience a sense of Emanuel -- God with us -- which brings blessings in itself and strength for the journey into the new year of 2015, a year already fraught with an admixture of anxiety, anticipation of good or bad, and expectation of hopeful developments!

"Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born!"

4. Thanks to Those Whose Terms are Ending

The following persons have served as Steering Committee members with terms which expire this year. Some are eligible for reelection by the Gathering in January: Eunice Arias [South America], DarEll Weist [USA], Billie LaBumbard [retired], Mary Escobar [Class of 2012], Adam Shaw [Mission Interns 2011-2014].

5. Nominees Needed Now (updated)!

The following positions seek someone to fill them. Please consider how you might volunteer or nominate someone else.

DarEll Weist has consented to be nominated to succeed Dick Vreeland (Treasurer).
Nan McCurdy (Secretary) would like relief from her duties. Who could imagine serving as secretary?
We need nominations for Chair before the 2015 Gathering next fall.
ESAP Region (East and South Asia and the Pacific) -- Esther Gitubo has accepted nomination to succeed Katherine Parker who remains vice-chair.)
SA Region (South America) -- Eunice Arias declines re-election.
USA Region -- The term of DarEll Weist expires. He is eligible for reelection to the region or to represent retirees.
Retirees -- Billie LaBumbard declines reelection.

Please reflect on persons you would like to have representing your concerns, or put yourself forward!

Any vacancies not filled at the Gathering will be the responsibility of the Steering Committee itself in the new year. Forward your suggestions to . As chair I will ask the Administrative Council -- Katherine, Dick and Nan -- to act with me as a nominations committee to finalize a slate of officers.

6. Passings Noted

Jim Pettibone has drawn our attention to the death of his wife, Elsie, earlier this year. We regret the delay in remembering her life and service:

Elsie Pettibone, aged 86, died February 8, 2014. She held a degree in medical technology from St. Louis University and settled with husband Jim in Boulder, CO. When she was 50, she and Jim left for Nepal, where they served as Methodist medical missionaries at Shanta Bhawan and Patan hospitals. Elsie, as head of the lab, was invaluable; and Jim, a biomedical technician, became a legend as "Mr. Fix It". She and Jim also served in Egypt, Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, and India. Upon retiring, they visited friends in England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Wales, Holland, and Africa. But her idea of heaven on earth was spending summers camping in Peaceful Valley and winters on the beach at Lo de Marcos, Mexico. See more here.

Word has reached us thanks to the Brooks-Howell Serendipitor and editor Esther Megill of the following deaths:

Patricia Anne "Pat" Riddell, aged 84, died August 6, 2014. Pat was a native of New York City. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa at Allegheny College. While living in El Cerrito, CA, she felt called to the 3-year mission program to serve as a teacher in Argentina. Upon her return she then attended Pacific School of Religion in preparation for full-time service with the Women's Division of The UMC in Peru at the Collegio Maria Alvarado, Lima High School, and was asked to become coordinator for Christian Education for the Peruvian Methodist Church. From 1972 she served with the World Division in Mexico City, teaching at the Deaconess Training School and serving as President of the Christian Education Committee of the Methodist Church of Mexico. In 1979 she spent a time in Liberia helping to complete an African ecumenical curriculum and to train leadership. She returned to Puebla, Mexico, helping implement the Extension Seminary for rural church workers. After moving to Brooks-Howell Home in 1992 she was invited to serve as Mission Interpreter in Residence for the Southeastern Jurisdiction (now the Mission Advocate position). See the Brooks-Howell Serendipitor for September-October 2014 for more details of Pat's life.

Eunice Hope Sluyter, aged 97, died August 27, 2014. Eunice was born in New York, graduated from Hope College and taught in Crossmore, NC. The Reformed Church Missionary Board assigned her to India, where she met Sarah Chatko, principal of Isabella Thoburn College, the first women's college in Asia. She was invited to teach at the college. After five years she returned to work with the Women's Division in New York, earning her MA from New York University. She later returned to India as publisher at the Lucknow Publishing House for the Methodist Church in India. Upon her ultimate return to the U.S. she taught at Technology at Nove University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She retired to Brooks-Howell Home in 1998. See the Brooks-Howell Serendipitor for November-December 2014 for more details.

Elizabeth Carol "Libby" Johannaber, aged 101, died October 2, 2014, just short of her 102nd birthday. She held degrees in Early Childhood Education (University of Nebraska) and Educational Psychology (University of Minnesota). She employed her skills as a psychologist in Shorewood schools and at the VA in Woods, WI. In 1947 she the Women's Division assigned her to train kindergarten teachers in Laura Haygood Normal School in Suchow, China. In 1949 the Communist takeover interrupted her work. Bishop Kiang offered workers an option to stay or leave. She remained in China until 1952, when she was reassigned to Harris Memorial College. From 1963-1976 she attended to family matters in the U.S. where she fulfilled various Global Ministries assignments in New York, St. Louis, MO, and the Redbird Missionary Conference, KY. From 1976 until 1980 she taught at Trinity Theological College in Singapore. She retired to Dallas, TX, in 1980 and moved to Brooks-Howell in 2005. See the Brooks-Howell Serendipitor for November-December 2014 for more details.

10. The Last Word (Sojourners Voice and Verse)

"The poverty of the poor is not a call to generous relief action, but a demand that we go and build a different social order." -- Gustavo Gutierrez

"Linking mission workers worldwide and moving forward"

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